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A Story of Kindness

The other day I went into the Oregon City Les Schwab to collect the cash out of our donation jar and pick up two boxes of hygiene supplies that had been dropped off for us. (Thank you!) While I was in there, Assistant Manager Chris shared something with me that continues to put a smile on my face so I thought I should share. Chris motioned toward the corner of the store where their annual toy drive is in progress, and told me that there is a homebound individual on a limited income who lives not too far from their store. This person doesn’t drive, but cares about the toy drive so much that they scrimp and save to be able to purchase a toy to donate. They don’t personally know any of the employees at Les Schwab, but one year they called up and requested to speak with the manager. Dorian picked up and they asked if he would come to their house to collect the toy they purchased. He said sure. A few minutes later, they called back and asked if Dorian might be willing to pick up a coffee for them on his way. Dorian said sure. This individual continues to call and request toy pick ups, followed by a second call requesting a coffee. Dorian continues to say yes and do both. This is year five. ☕️

It’s stories like these that make our city seem a little smaller and our community a little more connected. Thank you to Dorian, Chris, and the rest of the Les Schwab team.❤️

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