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Food Pantry - 02/09/23

We celebrated Thursday, February 9 by holding our Clackamas Service Center + LoveOne Food Pantry at Redland Grange page #796 (we know how to have a good time). Thanks to our Food Pantry Coordinator Carol who always goes above and beyond, we were able to provide food to 348 people, including 104 kiddos, 135 seniors and 109 families.

Every week we are distributing 2-3,000 pounds of food and it's gone in under 30 minutes. Emergency SNAP benefits are set to end in March, when benefits will go down by at least $95/mo for a single-person household, and by $300/mo for a family of four. Please call the ONE customer service center at 1-800-699-9075 with questions about your SNAP benefits.

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