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Food Pantry - 04/28/22

LoveOne + Clackamas Service Center Food Pantry Day was again an example of Redland community members coming together to help neighbors, this time expanded to include helping at CSC on Thursday morning. CSC was down numbers in staffing so we arrived early to pull our order and load up vehicles. We so appreciate all of the work and coordination the amazing staff at CSC do to make our Thursday pantry possible.

This week we had an opportunity to serve as kindness brokers (our favorite role!) by connecting Mariah, the driving force behind Water is Life, with cases of bottled water. Mariah makes deliveries of water and supplies to the Warm Springs Reservation on a regular basis. Thank you, Carol and Mariah!

A special note from Wanda: "I personally feel so grateful for the number of committed Redland community volunteers who show up without reminders EVERY Thursday. Last time we were out of school on a Thursday the same folks were there, plus high school students. Who doesn't love to sleep in especially on a day off from class? I am proud to know teenagers who see the value in lending a hand."

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