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Food Pantry - 06/20/24

Another fantastic Thursday (6/20) food pantry at Redland Grange #796 in Oregon City is on the books!!

We had the opportunity this week to help make sure 317 neighbors in need, had full bellies. That's 125 grateful families with 76 kiddos, 149 fabulous seniors, and of course 44 awesome veterans!

Doing this food pantry every week fills all of our hearts with immense gratitude and joy. A gigantic thank you to all staff, volunteers, and anyone who gets the word out about our Thursday food pantries. Another huge thank you to Redland Grange #796 for always hosting, as well as the Clackamas Service Center, and the Oregon Food Bank for their continued support over the years. We can't thank everyone enough because there aren't enough words in the English language to express how grateful we feel.

Remember, we won't be having our food pantry on July 4th due to the holiday celebrations. We will see everyone back here on July 11th!

We hope everyone has a great week and a safe, fun, holiday!

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