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Food Pantry Day - 11/11/21

LoveOne + Clackamas Service Center Food Pantry Day was a success!

Thank you to 4 OCHS students who volunteered with LoveOne to help provide food to their rural community today. Folks arrived with shopping bags and boxes in hand, and some even brought their boxes from last season’s Farm to Table food box program.

Neighbors were delighted with the selection of fresh produce and dairy, delicious loaves of bread, ground beef, fresh potato salad, granola, canned beans and fruit, and even dessert. More than 70 of our neighbors experiencing food insecurity received groceries today. Thank you to every person and organization who helped make this possible. Today was a good day.

And last but certainly not least, a huge shout out to the Redland Grange for so generously allowing us to set up the food distribution inside and out of the rain!

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