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Milwaukie North - August

At last week’s laundry event, LoveOne and GracePointe had the opportunity to provide clean laundry to a neighbor who hadn’t been able to wash their clothing and bedding in 4 months.

49 neighbors received clean laundry and hygiene items, but the best part is easily the personal check-ins we are able to do. It’s been a long 18 months of pandemic, wildfires and unprecedented weather events, so connecting with our neighbors to find out how they’re doing is at the top of our priority list. Although we can’t solve every issue, we can absolutely offer a caring space to be seen and to be heard.

Special thanks to Josh Callahan, one of the owners of Milwaukie Laundry, for donating quarters and coming out to catch up with us! Also thanks to Anna and Rusty of CAP for providing onsite OHP navigation and rapid testing.

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