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Milwaukie North - June 2020

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Last night was Milwaukie North laundry night and thanks to a partnership with Storyline Community, we held a dual service event just a few blocks away! We provided laundry and hygiene kits to 21 neighbors at Milwaukie Laundry and had our first test run of the Clackamas Service Center shower cart at GracePointe. 5 neighbors went in with anticipation and appreciation on their faces, and came out relaxed and clean. 🧺🚿

We want to send a thank you out to a new volunteer, Abby, who joined us at the laundromat last night. 👍🏻

A few neighborhood residents stopped by (at both locations!) to tell us they appreciate the work we’re doing and to keep it up. Thanks Mikwaukie, y’all are rad! 😊

- - - - - Laundry is important. Hand washing and showers are important. Lack of either can contribute quickly to infection, infestation, and retraumatization.

Stay with us here.

Think about how it feels to come home from several days of camping, tired and covered in dirt, ready for that ultimate hot shower. You watch the dirty water swirl down the drain, scrub your head with foamy shampoo and begin to relax. You dry off with a fresh towel and put on clean clothes and socks.

Now imagine going camping for months, only showering every few weeks. Then a pandemic hits, so your access to showers and hand washing ends. Oh, and you don’t have a house to return to. Now add in Oregon’s spring weather and a thriving mosquito population. Now you have a few infected cuts on your hands and bug bites on your legs.

How badly do you need and want a shower now?

Yeah, us too. ❤️

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