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Milwaukie South - 01/02/2024

Thanks to LoveOne volunteers and staff, we were able to do a small pre-Christmas celebration of chili and christmas cookies and treats. 45 neighbors received services and we washed and dried 43 loads of laundry. Again a huge thank you to our community partners; Outside In, and 4D for offering other support to our neighbors outside of laundry.

We also started something new here and it went really well. Unfortunately we have been getting some push back from a few businesses near the laundromat. QED owner Robert has been an incredible help in navigating these conversations and has continually offered suggestions and support. The good news is that we now have a system that allows us to get everyone's laundry done with the least amount of traffic around the facility. We are hopeful this new system is a path forward to continue this important work.

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