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Milwaukie South - 04/02/24

It was a gorgeous day at QED on 4/2, with an incredible sunset that ended behind a port-a-potty, to top it off!  We had the dream team out here today. Helping us with making things run smoothly were Laurie, our marvelous Hygiene Coordinator, Tom and Jess doing fantastic at running the laundry, and Mel, who totally rocked it at check-in.

On a different note, we decided to suspend laundry service at QED for the month of April to reset expectations around behavior and being good neighbors to the businesses around the laundromat. But fear not! We will resume laundry services next month.

For the upcoming event we have planned for 4/17 at that location, we are continuing to provide hygiene supplies and a meal. We will also have onsite community partners offering additional resources.

Temporarily pausing laundry for April isn't bad news, it allows us to spend more time engaging with folks as well as gives the laundry team a teeny break from the whirl of activity that is laundry!

Mark your calendars, we resume the laundry portion of our event on Tuesday, May 7th.

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