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Milwaukie South - April 19

Our April 19 Wednesday night event at QED was a beautiful evening enjoying a yummy meal provided by our very own Carol. She also graciously brought the porta potty which we are forever grateful for and so are our bladders! We served 70 neighbors and did 28 small, 19 medium and 4 large loads of laundry.

Although we have been minimizing supply offerings at our third Wednesday events, one of our community partners showed up and surprised us with six tents and sleeping bags. And they went just as fast as they showed up! It's so wonderful to be able to support each other and provide necessary resources to our unhoused folks.

We also welcomed our new Clackamas Fire Community Paramedic Neil Clasen. Welcome Neil! We are so happy to have you join our events and thankful for the care you offer!

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