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Milwaukie South - January 2020

We washed and dried just over 1,000 pounds of laundry and connected with 17 families tonight. We had new volunteers join us, ate delicious snacks, gave out personal care items, helped neighbors shop for new clothes and connect to local resources, and celebrated our 8th birthday with cupcakes. 🎈 We were even given a birthday gift! One of our neighbors makes and paints wooden moons (in photo below) and gave us one. 🌙

We received goods as well as financial donations, sewed clothing (thanks Jo!), and enjoyed quadruple stuffed Oreos. 😋Yes, that is a thing.

After Dave’s passing, we received a very kind email offering condolences and asking if we needed help with any of our events. We said, “Yes please!” and last night Gene and Mary joined us. They visited with our neighbors while running the dryers.

Dan and Sarah have been keeping us supplied with hand warmers. Last night Dan stopped by the laundromat with two cases of hand warmers and when he learned that we were out of trash bags to hold clean laundry, he ran home and brought back a bunch of his own of trash bags.

Joe, an employee of the laundromat, told his girlfriend about our event. His girlfriend works for Nabisco and guess what she happened to have left over from a trade show? Boxes and boxes and BOXES of all kinds of Oreos, graham crackers, Nutter Butters and Chips Ahoy. 🍪 Everyone ate their fill, took snacks to go, and still there are plenty for our next event! Basically, we won the cookie lottery.

And last but not least, we were contacted by neighbors who needed help with a tire situation. We asked our friend Chris at Oregon City Les Schwab if he could help them out and his response was, “Yes, absolutely! Send them my way!” Chris solved their tire problem and got them on their way again.

Thank you to Mary, Gene, Dan, Chris, Joe, the new friends who brought cookies, and everyone else who contributes to LoveOne and helps make all of this possible. ❤️

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