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Milwaukie South - July 2020

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Ice cold water? ✔️ Hand washing stations? ✔️ Laundry (1,980# worth) and hygiene kits? ✔️ Snacks? ✔️ Street Roots representation? ✔️ Front load washing machine balloon art? ✔️

Wednesday night was warm! Thankfully we had plenty of cold water (thank you, Oregon City Grocery Outlet!) and shade to share. 35 neighbors received help with laundry, personal care resources, masks, snacks and as much ice cold water as they could drink and take to go. Two new volunteers, Stephanie and Bradley, joined us, brought snacks and helped the night go exceptionally well. The charging station was put to good use, neighbors connected with our friend Rebecca from the Clackamas County Go Team and folks were so thankful to be able to wash their hands.

An individual with fibromyalgia has a difficult time getting around on foot so currently they are limited on the services they can access. This person spent time talking with Rebecca, who sat with them on the curb in the shade. More than anything, this person wanted a shower. Rebecca was able to relay that info to us and guess what we happened to have in our magic box of random helpful things? One last bus pass to get them to and from Clackamas Service Center during their next shower service.🚿🧼 It’s good to have magic boxes of random helpful things, and if you would like to contribute to keeping that box stocked just visit our website and make a donation! Note “magic box” in the comments section. 😉 🙌🏻

Go do something kind for someone today!

We ❤️ Milwaukie.

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