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Milwaukie South - June 2020

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

What. A. Night. We exceeded previous event numbers by...a lot. 41 folks signed up for laundry kits (enough to wash and dry 2,440 pounds of laundry) and received hygiene kits. We also shared ladies tops donated by our friends at A Village For One and Girl Scout cookies from a generous community member. Two new volunteers joined us, brought bottled water and ran the charging station. Thank you, Amy and Tim! Dale brightened many faces with his custom balloon creations. 🦋 Members of the Clackamas County Go Team joined us to provide psychological first aid, which was so very appreciated by our neighbors. We were able to meet some specific needs of a single mom with four littles, a newly homeless individual working hard to find a job, and a longtime friend with a broken leg who is living unsheltered.

This work is intense and rewarding, reminding us daily that everyone needs an advocate. We are thankful to have the opportunity to build relationships with our neighbors, to encourage one another through struggles and celebrate successes. Helping a family connect with resources to keep their housing? Watching a neighbor transform before our eyes as they go from houseless to housed? THE BEST.

Thank you to our supporters who make this work possible. You are literally changing the lives of our neighbors. ❤️

If you support LoveOne through online giving, donating supplies, volunteering at events or

liking our posts, please consider sharing this post and telling others about what we do. If we continue to see an increase in need (as we have at all of our events this month) we will need additional financial support to keep operating at this level. We also are looking for businesses who would be willing to sponsor a laundry event ($400). We understand this is a big ask, particularly given the current economic climate, so thank you!

Additional needs: fabric face masks, snacks for events and Supercuts gifts cards.

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