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Milwaukie South - November

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Why we do what we do; a post from our Executive Director.

Well, I think I’ve found my new winter/pandemic look: soaking wet, wearing a (sideways) borrowed headlamp and bright pink rain boots.

On Wednesday night, we helped 60+ neighbors (haven’t counted the list yet and also can’t really read the list because all three pages of names got soaked in the downpour and they have to dry out) with laundry, hygiene supplies, new masks, hand sanitizer, tarps, clothes, food and maybe most important of all: a humanizing experience. Asking for help is hard. Asking for help when you’re used to people looking at you like you’re trash (multiple neighbors’ words, not mine) is even harder. The LoveOne team works hard to reduce barriers for neighbors to get their needs met, and equally as hard to provide a safe place where we know people by name and are familiar with their story, a place where we can celebrate and grieve together, support one another and be the community we were meant to be. And lest you think it’s all giving on our part and receiving on the part of those who utilize our services, I assure you that’s not the case. I can’t count the number of precious gifts I’ve been given (kind words, pre-Covid hugs, drawings, diet Dr. Peppers, earrings, pocket knives, gifts for my kiddos, food...) and best of all: friendships that defy explanation and exceed expectation. ❤

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