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Molalla - April 2019

LoveOne Molalla had 2 different events tonight! We were invited to share the story at the Molalla Elementary school Family Resource night where there were booths of different groups that offer services to help families, they served a delicious dinner provided by El Charrito Restaurant and the cutest dancing groups. Then Free Laundry night was a WONDERFUL success with 17 families served and 1,130 pounds of laundry cleaned!!! A huge Thank You to all the Love One volunteers who made it happen and the extra running around that was needed ahead of time by Cindy Fincher.

Even though we were spread out tonight until the end what caught my attention upon arriving was friendly, warm, familiar faces and a plethora of stories about neighbors who were so kind, helpful and grateful. There were neighbors served who were sweeping the laundromat floor and helping their friends get their laundry done. One neighbor not too long ago called a tent in a dangerous area home and today she lives nearby in a real home of her own, another was thanking or volunteer for always showing up with a huge smile to do this. One neighbor who is typically more quiet opened up tonight about her family's incredible story and shared how much this has helped and all that her church has done to help her feed her kids and get housing. The amount of love that is shared is truly indescribable. We do our best to share with you all so that you have a better understanding of those around you and what your donations go toward. People have homes. They smile so much more now. They know they are wanted and loved here at LoveOne. Come check us out every fourth Wednesday of the month. If you'd like to volunteer or help give please contact us.

We are currently in need of toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, hand sanitizer, packaged snacks, water bottles, juice boxes, sunscreen, and quarters.

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