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Molalla - August

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

At laundry night, we had a surprise visit from Ray Rey, one of my favorite humans and an incredible volunteer who has been gone chasing his dreams. One of my other favorite humans, Chelsea, was also there. Together, we had a successful night with 1,440 lbs of laundry and over 23 families served. It pays to serve with friends. They have a way of easing your burdens and adding laughter and light.

Tonight, I was definitely reminded that serving can be hard. Loving people can be hard. Sacrifice is hard. But in the midst of the hard someone comes along and reminds you why you do it all. One of our neighbors did just that. She came and picked up for people who couldn’t be there. She serves at the local showers on Mondays and always has a smile on her face. This world might seem crazy but there is still so much good. Hold tight to the good.

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