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Molalla - August 2019

LoveOne Molalla served 15 families and washed over 915 pounds of laundry. It was a slower night both with fewer families and only 5 volunteers. Carol’s Coin-Op has more machines in place now and the cool ac helped immensely. LoveOne is a non-profit group that through community support and donations we bring the quarters, detergent and dryer sheets and neighbors bring their laundry to be done. We get to know each other. We check in on life with each other. We value this one time a month where we get to just be together and do laundry.

Tonight was a more sad night for me. Maybe because I see how each of us is facing huge things and tough battles and we can barely hold on at times but we keep pressing on in search of a better search of some kind of hope! But tonight as soon as I turned my back some of our neighbors stole the clothes of another neighbor from a dryer nearby. I had no idea. I got in my car to leave and they even came out to ask me for another garbage bag for clothes. As I was getting home to unload I got messages from the owner of the mat asking what policies we have for LoveOne. My heart broke when I realized whose clothes were stolen. He came towards the end. Super nice guy and has come from a hard life. This was all he had! He has nothing else to wear for work tomorrow. Later I was sent video and pictures from the security cameras. I have been up all night now trying to figure out what to do.

Can I just be real with y’all? Can I tell you that moments like these make it really hard to want to keep doing good? Can I tell you that some days when you try so hard but everything just keeps slapping you back down face first in the mud those are the days you want to give up and walk away but those are the moments when we need to lift each other up and encourage each other to stay in the fight! Tonight was tough but as much as it hurts I just know that more good will come and justice will be served. Just please be kind to one another. We all need that more than anything else except love. ❤️ Thanks for reading, donating and caring.

-Sarah LoveOne Molalla Director

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