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Molalla - December

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

LoveOne was a huge success tonight with 1,380lbs of laundry to 23 families and with 15 INCREDIBLE volunteers.

We had a family donate McDonald’s gift cards, money donations were dropped off, and hats and gloves were brought by from another family. Neighbors were amazing and people were helped tonight. The spirit of giving was alive and well despite the cold. We were able to give warm blankets, clothes, coats and tarps. We gave hope and love and what we got in return is hard to describe, but it feels good to give. After such a hard year and so much loss felt by all, we came together to make a difference and hopefully help people have a better warmer Christmas. We could not have done this without your love and support from our community.

One mom is being delivered a Christmas tree in the morning and another got some warm clothes, gloves and a coat. At the end of our night one neighbor came to give us gifts he had collected of a necklace a watch face and a stuffed Christmas animal...because when you have little you give what you can

Thank you everyone for helping bring hope and Christmas to this little small town. Merry Christmas y’all.❤

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