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Molalla - February

Driving from my house to the laundromat tonight was a site to see with restaurants open, Share The Love fundraisers all over town, families walking together, and people just enjoying life. You could feel the love all over town tonight.

LoveOne free laundry night was epic! I'm pretty sure we broke our record tonight with 2,040 pounds of laundry, 7 volunteers, 34 families served.

We planned for a busy night because so many people were without power for over a week, but I never guessed this. As I took a step back to take a picture and talk with another volunteer, this incredible picture of 5 volunteers helping and smiling while so many neighbors came through. My heart felt like it would burst. 💕I feel like the luckiest girl to work with such amazing humans. They seriously make this happen!

We also had some pretty great neighbors show up. People helping people with laundry, supplies, delivery, and checking in on each other. This is community.

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