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Molalla - February 2019

♥️The cold didn’t keep people away. 😊 We served over 20 families tonight, washed over 1217 pounds of laundry and our volunteers rocked it! They are like a well oiled machine! Molalla, you make this possible! Loving our neighbors one clean load at a time!

Tonight we celebrate 6 months of LoveOne Molalla and we are going strong!!! It was a very quiet and relaxed night. Everyone chipped in and did whatever needed to be done. One volunteer was looking to see if we had snacks for a little girl that came in with her parents. We searched our wallets for cash and he bought her something from the vending machine. We have to find a way to bring food to these nights. Two other volunteers picked up donations from Hope Animal Hospital and Hoffman House so now we have dog food, socks and coats!

Another sweet couple shared how they can't stay in a warming shelter because they have little dogs and the mats they lay on are more painful than restful. They live in their small truck and although it's hard they find ways to stay warm however they really need help with gas.

One neighbor was washing a sleeping bag because she'd be sleeping in it later tonight. Temperatures here have been in the 20's at night for several days. Weather has brought snow and incredible windchill. These are people who matter because every life matters. I have learned many times over that it does not matter how much you plan for and prepare in life, it still happens. Unforeseeable events, losses and changes can altar each of our world's in just a moments notice. You can be high on that mountain and suddenly fall to the depths of the sea and often times there is nobody there to help. Thank you Molalla for being such an incredible community and continuing to contribute to building hope and dignity in lives around us.

LoveOne has no agenda but to just love on our neighbors in the community and we have the best volunteers to do that. Come join us in MOLALLA at Carol's Coin-op every fourth Wednesday of each month.

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