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Molalla - January

Wednesday's LoveOne laundry night was one for the books! It all started with a visit from the beautiful Leota Childress on her way to Molalla City Council. Then with 8 incredible volunteers, 36 families, and 2,220lbs of clean laundry, we ran out of laundry packets. Yep, that’s right...we ran out. We had to turn neighbors away for the first time ever in our 2 1/2 years of doing this in Molalla.

As neighbors came up to get laundry packets, the laundry packets we didn’t have, we kept finding quarters to cover the extra. No laundry packs, but the quarters kept appearing. It was so unreal!!! This picture is of one of our littler volunteers helping me count the two coin purses she donated, which ended up being exactly what we needed for a couple of the families. One of our volunteers looked at me and said, "This is just like loaves and fishes." I think Dave McAdams, the founder of LoveOne, was throwing down quarters from heaven.

One neighbor saw us trying to set up and he taped something down that I needed taped, but he did it without anyone asking him to and only to keep us all safe. Another neighbor shared that he had $9 he could use for laundry, but could really use the help. A single mom brought her son and played with him and it was his birthday. A regular neighbor who just got out of the hospital came by to see us and say hi.

Building relationships, encouraging each other, and giving hope is what is happening at LoveOne nights. 💕

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