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Molalla - July

LoveOne Molalla showed up tonight with 5 incredible volunteers, 1 of those was a new volunteer which we loved! 33 families were helped with clean clothes, 2,080lbs of clean laundry to be had! An anonymous donor had Dominoes delivered for anyone who was hungry, ice water and lemonade and some very satisfied customers in this heat! Let me tell you why we do’s not for the glory because in the hottest of heat, drenched from sweat these volunteers show up with smiles and love to give away. They’ve been there in rain, snow, sleet, and hail and they do it because they care. Volunteer work isn’t easy but when you get to meet really amazing people and work along side some of the best humans you’ll ever meet then it makes any kind of weather bearable. It’s a team, a community that cares to make a difference.

We grab a spot to help out and sometimes that means serving drinks or listening to someone’s hard day. Sometimes it’s picking up trash or making sure someone’s dog has water. It’s giving of yourself to better someone else’s life and in that you forget about your own things that have made it a long day already. Seeing someone break down in tears or hug you in relief because they had a bill come in the mail and they didn’t know how they’d make laundry happen too with that months income. It’s not about asking questions or judging another persons road they’ve had to travel. It’s just about being there and helping with no agenda and no reason except to just help. Giving love and kindness is always free. It only costs a moment of your time to put yourself on hold and lift up another person and before you know it you’re lifted up too.

Sometimes I think this world works overtime to isolate us behind screens, behind fear, behind “what will they think of me” and being “too busy” so we forget to go back to the very basics of what community is all about. Lately I’ve been reminded of the importance to slow down and stop and be present with the people around me. We are not promised tomorrow so we have to pick up today and make it the best we can. Just asking how someone’s day was or sharing a meal together means more than we ever realize. One gentleman looked overheated and exhausted wiping his eyes he said he had a hard day but it was about to get better when he took his kids to play in the river. How often do we forget the simple fun we have right in our own backyard and then go actually enjoy that fun to help wash away the hard days. One lady felt bad asking for two shower packets but was so grateful she kept thanking us as she was leaving. A young guy asked for a bottle of water which we didn’t have anymore of so one volunteer went after we were done and got him and his friend waters and some extra food because they had missed the pizza.

People have lost faith in each other and when they see someone show up and care about their basic human needs they are stunned...but more importantly they are given hope to believe again in the goodness of others. To those of you who volunteer your time in any capacity...THANK YOU!!! Because it’s people like you who make this world a brighter place and the hope that you give always makes a difference. There are no awards or red carpet for these strong warriors, there is only the knowledge and hope that they’ve made a difference even if just for a moment in the life of a stranger and that my friends will always cause a ripple effect!

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