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Molalla - June 2019

LoveOne Molalla had a good time tonight with a smaller crowd of 12 neighbors and 725 pounds of laundry washed and dried. We made it through the storm! Wow that was a bad one! One of our neighbors took another neighbor to urgent care because a limb had fallen on his arm while he was trying to make his way to us for laundry night.

We are building friendships and meeting new people. Tonight we met a sweet young couple from Germany who decided after much travel to call our little town their home now.

As we were packing up one of favorite local business owners came by and we talked dance😉 and LoveOne and let me just say, we are so lucky y'all! We have thee nicest business owners in this town!

Tonight we also had many familiar faces and are getting to know each other by name. The kids played and made new friends and we adults embraced each other as we share in the struggles and celebrations of life.

As many of you know, our friend Dave McAdams, who started LoveOne, is facing his 3rd battle with cancer right now. He's in the midst of coaching baseball, running a new business The Local, a coffee shop in Milwaukie, and directing LoveOne. Please check out our LoveOne Molalla page for more info on how you can help their family during this time or visit the GoFundMe page set up to help support Dave and Tina.

Please remember folks, we need to cherish those we love, enjoy each day we are given and help give hope to others as often as we can.

If you would like to learn more about LoveOne or sign up to volunteer, please message us through our LoveOne Molalla Facebook page. Thanks for being my community and place to call home. I love y'all! - Sarah

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