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Molalla - March

I love getting to serve my community in this way and with these incredible people. It absolutely fills my soul.

Tonight was one of our busiest nights ever at 31 families served and 2,160 lbs of clean laundry on its way to clean as I type this. 🧺

I am so grateful to the 4 other volunteers that have taken time out of their busy schedules to show up in the cold, wind and rain to love on people with me. You truly don’t know how often I see the tears in peoples eyes or am embraced so tight from people who just felt out of hope or discouraged at whatever they were facing and without anything asked of them they were just given love and care and treated like they matter...because y’all... we all do! We can’t know what road our neighbor has walked until we’ve walked there.

Tonight I was reminded how fast someone’s life can turn upside down when something happens to your health or your body is hurt at work and the dealings you have to face with all that comes great frustration and at times huge losses. Another sweet neighbor has expressed in the past how she just wants to feel pretty, so tonight she was surprised with a gift bag of brand new finger nail polish and makeup and she was so beautiful to watch as she opened it. With every heart we engage we have a chance of leaving an imprint. I want mine to be full of love and light. ❤

Thank you Molalla for all you do. You are my favorite place to call home.

A special thanks to Earthbreeze for their amazing donation of eco-friendly detergent sheets. For more information check out or watch our video. We love using these even for our laundry at home - they make everything super clean and fresh. So thank you Earthbreeze!

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