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Molalla - May 2020

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

On Wednesday, we had the privilege of serving 17 families with the ability to clean 1,020 lbs of laundry. During the current circumstances, this has been made possible through your incredible donations of quarters, laundry resources, and hygiene items. Thank you!

As we gave laundry resource bags, we saw familiar faces and met new ones. After everyone made it through, a neighbor came by again to see if we had any resources left. She recently lost her job and described trying to provide for her kids at home. Later with tears in her eyes, she kept saying, “Thank you so much for doing this.”

While many people have been able to go back to work or work from home during this pandemic, there are so many more who have lost all income and face a very defeating time. Even the tiniest bit of kindness goes a long way, and we got to see how moving it can be.

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