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Molalla - November 2019

Happy Thanksgiving LoveOne Community! We had a great night and almost ran out of soap. What a good problem to have.

1,285 pounds of clean clothes went out the door and 20 families graced our Thanksgiving eve with 5 new volunteers, Miss Debbie and myself and we had fun! Laurie was new to LoveOne and jumped right in so brave and kind. Chad and his son Landon didn’t miss a beat learning the ropes.

A local family got surprised with a Christmas tree and everything to decorate it including stockings thanks to another local family who stopped by. Our sweet Spirit Debbra came to give hugs. Other LoveOne volunteers surprised me and came to help. There were more people in our little laundromat than I have seen in such a long time and tonight we witnessed community in such a new incredible way than I have ever seen before. Thank you to those extra special donations that came in today. Cindy’s cafe you are the best!

We will be doing this again on Christmas night and every fourth Wednesday of the month from 6pm-8pm.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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