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Molalla - October

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

LoveOne nights never cease to amaze me...30 families, 8 volunteers, and 1,760 lbs of laundry.

We had some extra fun volunteers from other LoveOne locations, as well as a new volunteer. We handed out Halloween candy and resources, met new neighbors, and got to see familiar faces that I love. ❤

My daughter looked at me in the middle of it all and smiled through her mask saying, “Mom, you’re right this is actually fun.” I smiled so big. That’s my girl. Giving to others is good for our mental health and it feels good. We are learning and growing all of the time, but especially this year. Covid hasn’t been kind to anyone. But, when you can come together to make someone’s world better with clean clothes you beat so much negativity and shine hope.

One mom didn’t want to ask for much, but has three kids and really needed to get a load washed for each of them. She was so grateful. A man who lives on the streets was just grateful for some snacks. A family (one of my favorites of all time) came back after I hadn’t seen them in awhile, and there’s just something about this dad and his kids. They’re so polite and so well mannered. I love to see them. Another favorite was a woman who messaged me to thank me for the socks we handed her and thanking all of our volunteers for doing what we do. We are all going through something in life and the fact is, we are just better together. We thrive and laugh and enjoy life when we have our people to go through it with.

Thank you to all of you amazing, loving and beautiful neighbors, thank you to the best volunteers this girl could ask for, and thank you to our community for supporting and encouraging this nonprofit. You guys are fantastic!!! I love this town!❤

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