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Molalla - October 2018

875lbs OF CLEAN LAUNDRY for 14 families at Carol's Coin-Op! That was fantastic!!! As soon as we got there we were slammed and running. We had several donations of quarters, clothes, vegetables, and candy brought in, and a very cool new sign for the sidewalk painted by our very own local artist David Alexander. David painted the mural at Hitch N' Post restaurant as well as many homes in our area and other great work around our beloved town.

There were a few incredible moments that hit me extra hard tonight that I just have to share with you. A couple different times volunteers looked at me with big eyes as people kept coming in and they'd say "Wow this is amazing" or "This makes me so happy." My new friend Judy, aka "Mrs. Claus" (and a Boston fan) kept me updated on the score of the game throughout the night. Judy is a volunteer for several things around Molalla, but tonight just needed a little help with her laundry. The cutest little baby helping her Daddy smiled the biggest smile every time we talked to her. One couple, about to go celebrate their 20 year wedding anniversary, spent time with us. Our friend Casey was waiting for us when we arrived and he had a big smile when I called out his name - he was so surprised we remembered him. Later he was giving neighbors information and directions as they came in. Another gentleman, toward the end of our night, came in not wanting any help but Justine and I insisted and he finally caved. Several minutes later his entire countenance had changed and he was visiting with everyone and helping the cleaning lady! There were several familiar faces from last month's event and new volunteers and neighbors that I am so grateful for. Y'all, THIS IS COMMUNITY!

Thank you for reading, donating, volunteering and caring! We couldn't do this without your support. Please come experience this with us and help give dignity and hope to so many.

- Sarah

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