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Molalla - September

LoveOne Molalla marked 3 years in the books tonight! With 36 families served, 6 volunteers and 108 loads of clean laundry. We had some familiar faces and many new ones that we got to know and hear their stories. An amazing couple even came to feed people.

With so much going on in the world today it was nice to take a step back and just enjoy the view as the sun set and people were visiting.

LoveOne was started years ago by Dave McAdams who had a heart to bring more than just clean laundry to people but also break bread with them and share life’s stories together. Dave was an incredible example of unconditional love and care for others that went beyond what you typically see. He taught my friends and I so much and I hope he looked down tonight and cherished every moment like I did. I decided to train with him to learn how he did this and why, but for me there was a deeper reason. I grew up with a single mom working three jobs and struggled at times to find quarters for our own laundry to get done.

We were at times homeless, and it was because of some really incredible people in this community that took us in and helped us out that we never had to go without clean clothes or a place to sleep at night but those were scary times and my mom fought hard to give us a great life and teach us to love others no matter what race, religion or life they led we were taught to always show love and kindness because you never know what road someone else had to travel and we all are in need of grace and love It has been my honor to serve this community and give back in this way for the past 3 years. Thank you to all of our volunteers who spend countless hours and energy to make all of this work. There are too many to list but you have made a difference in so many lives with your smiles and caring hearts. At the end of the day we are all in this together so let’s make it a great life and keep giving kindness every chance we get.

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