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Molalla - September 2018

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

We did it Molalla! 270lbs of laundry for 6 families. 12 amazing volunteers! More incredible community support as donations were dropped off throughout the day and night. I will post more in the morning. We have some very special people to thank. But for now thank you to each and every person that showed up or provided support through donations and food to make this possible. A young boy who came up to me and said "I want to give you a donation" he held out his hand and handed me all of the quarters he had. My heart melted!

A couple came by not knowing it was free laundry night; they usually do laundry on a different night but had all of their pop cans to turn in for laundry money and were so extremely grateful and kind. A different group had been waiting since before we got there and living out of their small pickup truck with their two dogs. They never imagined being in this place in life but circumstances have meant that they both have been homeless since last winter and trying to find a safe place to park to sleep in the back of their truck is extremely difficult. The elements have created health issues for them but housing is so unimaginably high that people on social security can hardly survive. Each person tonight has a story. The neighbors we served and the volunteers who gave...all of us have a story of how we got here and why we're doing this. Thank you Molalla for listening and giving to this story. ❤

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