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Oregon City - 01/11/24

Last night’s laundry + shower event at BRAX Laundry Oregon City was extra fun. We celebrated co-owner Brad’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRAD!), were joined by parents and students from Alliance Charter Academy who provided a delicious hot meal and volunteered with us, and received a generous financial donation from a community member passing by.

We also want to warmly welcome our new LoveOne Board Treasurer Lisa Upshaw who joined us at the event last night. Welcome, Lisa!

We gave and received hugs, shared a hot meal, washed and dried a mountain of laundry, petted doggos, made silly faces at babies, and did what community does - supported one another!

Thank you to Gretchan, Joelle and Jerry of 4D Recovery, Anna with Cascade Aids Project, and our AA partner Seth for joining us and providing super important services!

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