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Oregon City - 04/18/24

On Thursday (4/18) our laundry event at the legendary BRAX Laundry Oregon City was sponsored by the fantastic folks at Clackamas Sunrise Rotary! They were kind enough to volunteer their time with us and they even brought some delicious pizza as our meal for the event! We are so incredibly appreciative of their long-time support and partnership! Thank you Clackamas Sunrise Rotary!!

We saw lots of familiar faces this week, like Anna with Cascade AIDS Project, Clackamas Fire Community Paramedic and neighbor Neil, who brought his family down, and our great friends at Alcoholics Anonymous showed up to provide resources for anyone who needed them. Sending and enormous thank you to all of our volunteers for their time and support!

With the help of the owners of BRAX Laundry Oregon City, Brad and Max, and Earth Breeze for donating our detergent, we served around 40 people with, laundry, showers, hygiene, and a meal!

What a fantastic night, we are filled with such gratitude that so many people in our community come out everytime to serve others with such kindness and respect.

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