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Oregon City - 10/25/23

The Oregon City Soccer Club and Land O'Frost sponsored our fourth Wednesday (10/25) laundry event at @BrBRAX Laundry Oregon City and dang, was it amazing!!!

So many thoughtful and enthusiastic volunteers helped us serve our neighbors, from serving food to helping with laundry and everything in between. The OC Girls Soccer Team brought tents, tarps, hand warmers, foot warmers, batteries, pizza, chips, cookies and drinks. WOW! Despite the torrential downpour the ENTIRE evening, you all helped the evening run smoothly and were so very helpful setting everything up and tearing it all down. Thank you, thank you!

Special guests from Rotary Club of Oregon City also joined us (thank you, Leah and Gil!). They delivered 100 shower kits that they so kindly put together for us to hand out to our participants.

48 neighbors came through for services and we were able to wash and dry 67 (67!) loads of laundry. The shower team provided 12 showers, which is no small feat. Fun fact: 12 showers is the max number of showers we can provide during a two hour event. Well done, everyone!

Thank you to Alex who joined us and provided haircuts, always a treat after a nice hot shower! And many thanks to our partners with 4D Recovery Services, Alcoholics Anonymous, Brax Laundry owners Brad and Max (and their amazing staff), Bombas and Earth Breeze. We truly couldn't do this work without you all.

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