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Oregon City - 12/27/23

Our BRAX Laundry Oregon City event on December 27 was quite the night! The rain started as we began setting up, making us extra thankful for canopies and a warm, dry laundromat! We not only had a wonderful evening, but we had a record 35 staff and volunteers on site! WOW!!! Thank you to our outreach and food program staff for pitching in, as well as a team from Oregon City Church of the Nazarene, and our partners from Alcoholics Anonymous, @4drecovery (Gretchan, Jerry & Joelle), and @oregoncitylibrary (Garth).

Thanks to all that amazing help and support, we were able to connect with 53 individuals/families, meet a whole lot of basic needs (hygiene, community resource referrals, survival gear, and more) wash and dry a whole lot of laundry, and provide hot showers. Speaking of the shower cart, we ran into a little trouble during set up when we discovered a leak. But thanks to Brax co-owner Brad and our amazing shower program coordinator Sharon, the leak was fixed in no time and showers went on as usual!

Thank you OC Naz for your fantastic meal of enchiladas, rice, beans and brownies (oh my gosh, you do NOT want to miss a meal prepared by this group!) and delivious Christmas cookies from our very own super cook/baker Carol. We are so lucky to work with so many amazing people who show up to help us in all sorts of weather and in all kinds of situations. Building community takes community and ours is knocking it out of the park.

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