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Oregon City - April 2019

We washed and dried more than 1,700 pounds of laundry and served 28 families last night. We went through a large crockpot of lasagna, one case of Cup Noodles, two cases of water, a mountain of snacks, and a basket of treat-filled Easter eggs - and that's just the laundry/food update! 😉

A couple who had been in a dangerous living situation let us know that they were able to connect with Clackamas County Coordinated Housing Access after learning about that resource at our last event and will be moving into their own safe living situation later this month. We are so excited for them! 🎉

Another neighbor who lives in her vehicle shared that when her radiator went out and left her stranded, her son-in-law reached out and helped her replace it. "We bonded over replacing my radiator. How crazy is that? I never would have expected it." 💙

A single mom whose oldest son suffers from grand mal seizures let us know that he has been approved for a surgery that will help reduce the length of his seizures. Keep going J, you've got this. 🙌

We received a text message from a neighbor we hadn't seen in a while letting us know that they are getting ready to graduate treatment, have a plan in place for outpatient treatment, and can't wait to see us at our next event. (The feeling is mutual, N. WAY TO DO THE HARD WORK!!! 👏)

And last but certainly not least, we had a special visit from a S.A.C.K. (Supporting A Community with Kindness) volunteer who handmade 5️⃣0️⃣ super cute and useful soap sacks and donated them to LoveOne. Check out the photos below!

Thank you, OC, for supporting LoveOne and making community connections like this possible. ❤️

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