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Oregon City Coordinator Brandi Johnson

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Today's introduction is brought to you by the letter "B" as in Brandi Johnson! Brandi is a LoveOne board member and coordinates LoveOne Oregon City with her husband Tom.

Occupation: Legal Assistant/Mediator/Professional Fan of LoveOne

Which LoveOne initiative do you volunteer with? Oregon City and Molalla

How did you first get involved with LoveOne? My husband saw one of Dave’s live videos about laundry night in Oregon City on Facebook and we thought it sounded like a great way for our family to volunteer together.

What has surprised you most about working with LoveOne? The amazing people I’ve had the privilege of getting to know: neighbors in need, business owners, volunteers…every single person brings something unique and valuable to the table.

What is the single-most important takeaway from volunteering with LoveOne? Change happens one person at a time. Many of the issues and barriers our neighbors face seem insurmountable as a whole, but when addressed one person and one issue at a time amazing things can (and do!) happen.

What’s the hardest part about volunteering with LoveOne? Wanting to provide more laundry events but not having the funding to expand our services to more than once per month. YET!

If you could change one thing about LoveOne, what would it be? More funding!

What do you wish other people knew about LoveOne? The mission of LoveOne is provide clean clothes, personal care resources, and community connection – and to do that well. As a result, events feel like friends getting together to hang out…in a laundromat. I cannot emphasize strongly enough the importance of human connection and community support, it really is what makes a difference in people’s lives.

Tell us about someone who has influenced your decision to work with LoveOne. Our ED, Dave. Sometimes I get lost in the details and he’s always there to provide encouragement and remind me about the bigger vision: loving people and building community.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about donating to or volunteering with LoveOne? DO IT! And please, stop by an event night to see with your own eyes how your generosity impacts our neighbors in need. Or reach out to us to learn more – we love sharing LoveOne with our community.

What are you doing when you aren’t volunteering? Spending time with my family, watching my kids play soccer, running, cooking, and thinking of new ways to be the change I want to see in my community.

What else can you tell me about LoveOne? Being involved with LoveOne has shown me how many rad people there are who care about their neighbors and want to make a difference.

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