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Oregon City - December 2019

Last night’s event ran like a well oiled machine thanks to all of our amazing volunteers! We provided clean clothes and bedding to 30 individuals/families and washed and dried 1,340 pounds of laundry. We had the privilege of sharing 40+ pairs of socks, 80+ hand warmers, two cases of water, near endless snacks, lots of personal care items, and several hugs with our neighbors. C3 Car Club Portland came out and ran wash and dry for us - one of their members even drove all the way from Astoria to help out! (Hey C3, y’all are rad humans!) Shout out to Dan and Sarah of Grocery Outlet for visiting our event and bringing hand warmers!

One thing we want to mention is how grateful our neighbors are for the help we provide - thanks to you! Yes, we organize the supplies and the run events, but it’s because of your support that we’re able to do this. And regularly we are stopped and told how much people appreciate what we do and how much it means to them. There’s no shortage of gratitude in the laundromat.

We are so thankful for the opportunity to help our neighbors access clean laundry and personal care items, and to get to know their stories and share life. Laundry nights build community.

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