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Oregon City - December 28

Last Wednesday was our laundry + shower + hygiene event at BRAX Laundry. Did you know that Brax currently sponsors both monthly laundry events? Brad and Max and their staff are absolute treasures in this community who go above and beyond to help us in this work. We love Brax.

We were joined at Brax by Mrs. Northwestern and her friends and family who helped with check in and hand washing. Ron and Gretchen with 4D provided harm reduction services, and OHA’s Peer Delivered Services Coordinator Beau came out to meet our team and experience a LoveOne event. We had a phenomenal group of OCHS high school students serve a meal of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and out of this world peach cobbler.

Turns out our shower cart doesn’t love ice storms and is in need of some repairs to get back up and running so stay tuned while we get that figured out. If you know a plumber who can help, hit us up!

We’re pretty sure we set a new record for the most laundry done at a Brax event. It makes our hearts happy to see so many neighbors leaving with clean clothes and bedding, a full tummy and a smile on their face.

We do this work together.

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