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Oregon City - February

Tuesday night was laundry night at QED. We learned that even waterproof rain coats struggle to keep out the rain when it’s coming from all directions, including up! ☔

We helped 56 neighbors with laundry (1.5 tons worth), hygiene supplies and a meal. Thank you to Stephanie and the Milwaukie Lutheran Church team for preparing a delicious hot meal, to Abby for the tasty burritos and King of King Lutheran for sack meals - folks were incredulous that not only could they eat their fill on site, but take food with them!

We received encouraging updates from neighbors who recently moved into transitional housing, as well as those who have entered treatment and are in sober housing. We met new friends, including a sweet young kiddo and their parent who recently escaped a heartbreaking situation. They were SO EXCITED to carry their laundry kits and head over to Stephanie for a hot meal that included fruit!

Sometimes the things we take for granted are the very things that make the greatest impact on others. Canned peaches can lead to sheer joy. We’ve seen it. 🍑💖

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