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Oregon City - February 2019

We served 26 families and did more than 1,500 pounds of laundry last night! Amazing volunteers Emily and Adam showed up with plenty of snacks for everyone, our resource table was fully stocked, and the laundromat was the perfect place to spend several warm hours with our neighbors. ❤️

We hear there’s a first time for everything and last night we experienced our first exploding coat. 😬 A well-worn coat belonging to one of our neighbors couldn’t handle the rigors of the washing machine and came apart in what can only be described as a mid-cycle explosion of fabric.💥 Thankfully we were able to replace the coat with a new one and he left warmer than when he arrived. 👍🏻

Adults visited, kids played, and neighbors pitched in to help each other...and we got a heck of a lot of laundry done. 😉

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