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Oregon City - January 2019

We didn’t expect a huge turnout tonight for LoveOne Laundry - not because of the holiday, but because the freezing temps mean warming shelters are open and facing a choice between a warm place to sleep and clean laundry, it makes sense to choose the warm place to sleep. We should know by now not to make assumptions: we had a huge turnout of familiar faces and even met a new family, a sweet mama and her three littles who had a lot of laundry for us to help with. We were so blessed to have helping hands waiting to help us unload and set up the resource tables. Those helping hands weren’t volunteers, although volunteers certainly offered - they were our neighbors, patiently waiting for laundry. Not only did they unload the vehicles, but carefully and lovingly unpacked the bins, boxes, and baskets.

This community we’ve become part’s amazing. Throughout the night, we heard, “Thank you for what you do!” and “How was your Christmas?” and “How can I help?” and “Happy New Year!”

We have neighbors struggling with addiction and navigating the loss of loved ones. Living in cars, on couches, and outside. Trying to maintain sobriety, pay their bills, and raise their children. We celebrated with a neighbor who is THREE MONTHS SOBER. 🙌🏻 We grieved with a wife whose husband is dying. We talked about books and Netflix shows. We handed out snacks and warm socks and hand warmers. We played ball with a neighbor’s dog, provided bottled water, and offered hugs. We don’t know how you spent the first day of 2019, but we hope it was at least half as amazing as ours. ❤️

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