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Oregon City - January

Thank you BRAX Laundry for another wonderful laundry and shower event! On Wednesday, January 25, we provided laundry, hygiene and more to over 60 people thanks to 24 volunteers who came out to help.

We did a whopping 78 loads of laundry which is nearly 2 tons of clean clothes and bedding! Showers were back up and running (thank you Carol and Sharon!) and 9 people took showers.

Shout out to Ron and Gretchen from 4D for joining us and providing peer and recovery support as well as harm reduction services. Carol and Ron provided and served a delicious meal, and newly elected County Commissioner Ben West joined us to learn about what we do. And bonus, Commissioner West is a nurse and was able to help bandage up a participant with a leg wound.

We love what we do and couldn't do it without so much amazing community support!

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