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Oregon City - July 26

On Wednesday, July 26 we were joined at BRAX Laundry Oregon City for our laundry + shower + hygiene event by volunteers from Krayon Kids Musical Theatre Company and Leaps & Bounds, LLC! We were also joined by Gretchan and crew from 4th Dimension Recovery, Alicia from Grocery Outlet, Garth from OC library, and new community partner Seth with AA!

In addition to the many services and community volunteers and supports offered, we did a crazy amount of laundry setting a new all time record of 135 loads of laundry. 45 families came for laundry and went home with clean clothes and bedding.

The humans enjoyed a delicious meal of grilled hot dogs and tasty sides while the doggos enjoyed Milk Bone treats and plenty of water. Some of the doggos even got to cool off in the shower with their humans! We believe everyone should have access to soap and water.

One last shout out - Wow did we miss Nurse Judy! We were extra happy to see her friendly face and have her providing foot care with us on Wednesday.

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