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Oregon City - July 27

41 neighbors accessed laundry, showers, hygiene supplies and more at last Wednesday’s laundry + shower event at BRAX Laundry. The weather was hot and we went through three coolers of Powerade and several cases of water in addition to Earth Breeze detergent, dryer sheets, hygiene supplies and more. Special thanks to Dan & Sarah Mills of Grocery Outlet for letting us use their BBQ to grill hot dogs. Volunteers from the DA’s office helped with the event, as did staff from OC Municipal Court, the Providence BOB team, Clackamas County Behavioral Health, and Brax owners Brad & Max and their employees. We had a special visit from OC Library’s new Safety Specialist Garth Fullington who came by to check out a LoveOne event.

Our next laundry + shower event at Brax is on Wednesday, August 24 at 6pm

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