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Oregon City - March 2019

Have you ever celebrated Mardi Gras in a laundromat? ⚜️We have! And in case you’re wondering, it totally works. A near endless supply of Mardi Gras beads and blow horns, hot soup, Rice Krispies Treats, and cookies kept us smiling while we washed and dried 1,400 pounds of laundry and visited with 17 families last night.❤️

We started setting up the resource table, went to grab another load from the car, and returned to find boxes of Chapstick, cough drops, Band-Aids, travel-sized toothpaste, and deodorant – enough for every person who came to leave with the personal care resources they needed. Seeing our neighbors cared for in such a tangible way never gets old.

With so many volunteers (thank you Shelley, Emily, Adam, Teresa, Stephanie, Brooklyn, Orion, Chris, Carol, Heidi, and Alina and anyone we may have missed) we were able to spend time talking with neighbors and connecting them with community resources and service providers including A Safe Place Family Justice Center, Cascade AIDS Project, Gladstone Food Pantry, HOPE Food Pantries, Fido Pet Food Bank and Clackamas County Coordinated Housing Access.

Our favorite Grocery Outlet owner Dan Mills saw our post requesting bottled water and hand warmers and stopped by with both. Dan told us that he went over to Bi-Mart to purchase hand warmers and when he got to the check out, the lady ahead of him paid for his purchase with her gift card. He told her where he was headed with the hand warmers and she high-fived him. Thank you to Dan and the lady who so kindly shared her gift card!

Oregon City Les Schwab Assistant Manager Chris Hargrave came by after work and stayed late to help us take down and load up everything at the end of the night. Chris shared that he fixed a flat tire for someone the other day who was so happy about the service they received that they pulled out $20 and stuck it in our LoveOne donation jar that sits on the counter at Les Schwab. Thank you, Chris (and Chris’ family who doesn’t get to see him on nights he volunteers with us).

Gladstone Food Pantry Coordinator Alex Chesnutt Van Pelt brought us flyers, donated a jug of laundry detergent, and stayed to visit with our neighbors. Thanks for coming by, Alex, and for helping to feed our neighbors!

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