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Oregon City - May 2018

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

❤️Laundry Love recap! Tonight we washed and dried just over 1100 pounds of laundry in less than 3 hours. Way to go volunteers!🙌 We saw a lot of familiar faces, met new friends we were able to help, and were blown away by new volunteers and amazing donations from our OC community. We heard from one of our regulars that he is 30 days clean (way to go, J!) and provided clean clothes to a sweet family with a newborn. One of our patrons shared a story with our director that had him in tears: C lost her hearing many years ago and ever since has struggled in social situations. She recently got a job and her employer, Home Depot, has offered to provide her with a talk-to-text phone so she can more easily communicate with co-workers AND will enable her to work in customer service!👏 She shared that coming to Laundry Love has helped her practice social skills. Coincidentally, a new volunteer has a son who is taking ASL classes at college and the two of them are going to connect at next month's event. Our Grocery Outlet fairy godfather Dan Mills sent an employee over with a shopping cart full of reusable shopping bags pre-filled with individually wrapped snacks and boxed meals. Carol M Evens and the Beavercreek Mom's Club brought food and friendly volunteers to help out. Chris Hargrave and his Les Schwab team delivered donations and stayed to help plug quarters into machines and play with the littles. Best of all, each person who came tonight was able to leave with clean laundry, food, hygiene supplies, and the knowledge that their community cares.❤️ #LoveOne#LaundryLoveOC #MoreThanCleanClothes #Community

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