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Oregon City - November

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

I’m not quite sure where or how to start so I’ll just jump in. First, last night was laundry night at QED. With the help of 11 volunteers we were able to help 62 people meet some essential needs like laundry, hygiene supplies and food. Single parents, survivors of domestic violence, veterans, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, neighbors...our community came together and supported one another.

We heard soul crushing stories of domestic violence, acute poverty and medical conditions. We also learned that J got into housing, a single mama found her lost wallet AND was given a brand new bed frame, mattress and bedding (she’d been sleeping on the couch so her kiddos could have beds), and a neighbor who has been suffering for months received some urgent medical care and now has a sparkle in his eyes and a renewed sense of hope.

Grocery Outlet delivered several cases of water to the event (thank you Dan and Sarah!!!). Alex Chesnutt Van Pelt showed up with a trunk full of laundry supplies, toilet paper, individually wrapped snacks and boxes of milk - what a treat! Stephanie Hollingshead brought hot meals courtesy of Milwaukie Lutheran Church and we shared supplies provided by Debra Mason and Clackamas Service Center. ❤

Our friends Shay, Ken, Laurie, Tonya, Christopher, Teresa, Alex, Stephanie, Jo and Tom made sure people could wash their hands, wash their clothes, fill their bellies and have a safe space to share their burdens, their joys and their stories. We all need human connection and compassion. Sometimes we’re in a place to give, sometimes all we can do is receive, and sometimes it’s a little of both. Laundry nights look a lot like both.

My absolute favorite role, and one I get to fill when we have enough volunteers like we did last night, is to greet each neighbor with water and a mask as they wait in line. I get to check in with each and every neighbor, greeting them by name and asking about their day, their needs, their joys and anything else they want to share. I can take my time and really listen. LoveOne isn’t about handouts. It’s about relationships. It’s about building community and connecting neighbors to available resources while meeting tangible needs.

Thank you for reading all the way to the end, and thank you for supporting the work of LoveOne.


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