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Oregon City - November

Thanks to Land O'Frost and Oregon City Soccer Club, Tuesday night’s laundry and wrap around support event offered plenty of food, drinks, warm weather supplies and a fantastic community vibe.

The evening started out with rain but thankfully that came to an end as OCSC board members, players and parents jumped in to help us unload and set up. After volunteer training, everyone quickly went to work in their various roles helping 124 folks check in, do laundry, shop for hygiene supplies, get a meal and access healthcare services and other supports.

We love to celebrate birthdays, milestones and more and on Tuesday we had the opportunity to celebrate Jen’s birthday with her. Happy birthday Jen, we love you!

LoveOne’s focus is on meeting basic needs and building relationships through that process. Making plans for tomorrow - or even 5 minutes from now - is much easier when we have clean clothes and access to food, healthcare and hygiene supplies. Through relationship and trust we are able to support our neighbors in whatever next steps are ahead. Sometimes this support looks like a reliable phone or a bus pass, an opportunity to complete community service hours while receiving services, repairing a tire or ordering IDs, SS cards and birth certificates. Most importantly, this looks like consistently showing up with love.

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