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Oregon City - October

“Who’s can is this?” I looked across the parking lot at J who was holding a soda can, searching for its owner. I say the same thing at home, but that’s because I want my offspring to pick up after themselves. J said it because he was concerned that someone was going to miss out on 10 cents that could be the difference between eating later on or not.

J’s willingness to track down the owner of that can made me stop and appreciate - yet again - just how welcoming and caring our LoveOne community is. Our volunteers, neighbors, neighbor/volunteers, community members and partner service providers continue to show up, jump in and share hope.

Last Tuesday we provided laundry, hygiene supplies and dinner to 127 neighbors. Several neighbors volunteered with us for the first time and received five star reviews from our hygiene coordinator Laurie. Logan and his mom, dad and siblings helped out in the laundromat and they all did an outstanding job helping neighbors wash and dry their clothes.

A momma brought her newborn to meet us and was able to pick up laundry supplies to help with all that new baby laundry. Another neighbor shared that she is 90 days sober, she recently bought a car with money she’d been saving, and she has an appointment to take her drivers license test!

Volunteers helped neighbors wash and dry an insane amount of clothing and bedding and we even practiced using FaceTime in the laundromat.

Stay connected, share hope and have a great week.

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