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Oregon City - October 2019

Laundry...we did it! Last night we served 20 families and washed and dried 1,140 pounds of laundry.

We had a smaller than usual turnout and were well staffed with volunteers, which means we were able to spend more time visiting with our neighbors and getting updates on what's been happening in their lives. We shared snacks, bottled water, hand warmers, Street Roots booklets, and hugs. We connected a neighbor to resources that will help them leave a domestic violence situation and referred several neighbors to Fido Pet Food Bank. Dan and Sarah, owners of Grocery Outlet stopped by with enough bottled water and hand warmers for everyone! Several other community members donated additional items from our wish list - deodorant, nail clippers, Q-tips, baby and body wipes, socks, bandaids, chapstick, warm coats and hooded sweatshirts, and more! We were blown away by the kindness and generosity shown by our community of supporters. THANK YOU!

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